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Pilon’s Picks

Pilon is a truly beautiful soul. He’s fiendishly quick witted, a store of knowledge, always ready to share, romantically in awe of nature, and an idealist. Pilon always aims to do what is right and has a very strong conscience. When he’s out doing good deeds, he’s filled with a sense of divine satisfaction. He ungrudgingly shares his Brandy with Danny in the opening chapter of the book, even though brandy is one of the rarest commodities in Tortilla Flat.
$50 ~ 1 white & 1 red or 2 reds

Danny’s Picks

Even though Steinbeck describes Danny’s father as comparatively rich, Danny always refuses the luxuries he is afforded. He prefers sleeping in the forest to his own house, and the taste of store bought food never compares to the ecstasy of eating stolen grub. Ownership of the house leaves Danny without the ability to enjoy these pleasures. It isn’t reasonable to sleep in the forest when he has a bed, and there is no need to steal food when the Pirate brings plenty of it every day. But what is reasonable is not necessarily what makes Danny happy.
$30 ~ 1 white & 1 red or 2 reds

Father Ramon’s Pick

The Pirate promises that if God will save his sick dog, he will buy a golden candlestick for St. Francis. The sickly dog recovers and Pirate is determined to keep his promise. His friends search the woods where they’re certain the Pirate has hidden a great bag of quarters. Then when the Pirate offers to share his treasure, his friends are so ashamed of their greed that they help him deliver the bag of coins to Father Ramon to buy the Golden Candlestick.
$25 ~ 1 white or 1 red

The Pirates Pick

One of the goals of John Steinbeck’s literature is to expose the intrinsic beauty of the simple things in life. The Pirate‘s sincerity is a perfect example of this simplicity.
$15 ~ 1 white or 1 red


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  • Club wine will come with descriptions, food pairings and interesting facts about the wine and the winemakers who create it.
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Did You Know…

Wine of the Month Clubs are excellent closing gifts and marketing tools for local professionals. Provide us with a business card and we’ll make sure it’s attached to every delivery bag we send out over the course of the year for your business. It’s a great way to keep your business and contact information on the minds of important clients who can refer new customers!


Drinking is not a time killer to the paisanos, nor a means of escape from reality. It is a social activity and a show of camaraderie, for every cup is distributed equally among the friends. Sipping wine, they can talk, sing, and fight as equals and through the stories told in the haziness, they become better friends.
If you are planning an intimate dinner or an extravagant event, Mrs. Torrellis can ensure that what goes into the glass is just as exciting as those who are gathered around it. Call us for a proposal.